Championship flight
1st place:
Jason Bartlett
Tim Riegel
Ryan Fullerton

2nd place:
Tom Main
Mike Main
Lonnie McFadden

A flight
1st place:
Marty Bunton
(I’m still not clear who his actual teammates were. He had several subs.)

2nd place
Ross Means
Tripp Tucker
Lincoln Kaderly


Thank you to all who participated!

1st place Championship flight with a score of 58 was team of Carl, Don, Tim, and Roger Selvey

2nd place championship flight winning a scorecard playoff with a score of 59 was team of Jacob Cleveland, Bryce Caruthers, Chad Moore and Chris Peterson.

1st place in A flight with a score of 66 was the team of Jerald Lehman, Brandon Parker, Kelsey Parker and Brandon Lehman

2nd place winning a scorecard playoff with a score of 67 was team of Bob Littlejohn, Koen Littlejohn, Drew Barrett and Nathanael Vinson

We had 51 golfers for the Benefit tourney and want to thank Jeremy’s Creek crew for having the course in tip top shape!

There are more events scheduled throughout the year so go to the website and sign up!


Jerry Marti, owner of Jeremy’s Creek in Lamar, aced the 136-yard sixth hole in the weekly skins
competition on 5/24. Each week the 9-hole course is set up with modified tees so that all 9 holes are
under 145 yards and each golfer takes a shot at making birdies to collect on the hole with everyone
having a chance on each hole to win. It just so happened on the sixth hole that Jerry’s son Jeremy set
the tees up at 136 yards not knowing that would be the yardage needed for Jerry to ace the hole and
win a skin. Congratulations to Jerry and we invite anyone who wants to participate in this fun format
to come on out to Jeremy’s Creek for a starting time of 5:30pm every Monday evening.