Tom Riggs


Course Superintendent

Tom has lived in California, Oregon, and Washington before settling in our very own Lamar. Tom, his wife, Sarah, and their four kids have called Lamar home for almost ten years. When asked why he loves working at Jeremy's Creek, Tom responded, "I've always enjoyed the outdoors. It is nice to take a look around and see other people enjoying what you have accomplished at the end of a day." As a teenager Tom worked at 3 of the courses in Bella Vista, Arkansas. But as an adult, he worked in industrial settings. Tom ultimately left the industrial field to get back to working in the fresh air. 

Please thank Tom next time you see him for keeping Jeremy's Creek beautiful.

J-Dawg Marti


President and Top Dawg

Jeremy's Creek is named in honor of Jeremy "J-Dawg" Marti. 

Jeremy was born with Down Syndrome. He began playing golf around 2 years old and has loved the game from the start! As he grew, his golf game continued to improve. Playing better golf was a consistent theme for encouraging Jeremy to work hard in physical therapy and school. When Jeremy was learning to count, part of the encouragement was this is important because you need to be able to keep your score playing golf. Learning to read, you will want to read the menu when you go out to eat playing golf. 

When he would become frustrated learning things the majority of us take for granted, Jeremy coined the phrase “I like hard” and he would.

Today, he can read, keep score and is a strong young man. He continues to enjoy doing hard things and is motivated to be successful. 

Jeremy received his nick name from singer Toby Mac, at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes golf camp that Toby helps sponsor.    

Jeremy enjoys working at Jeremy's Creek and playing golf. 

God has blessed Jeremy with an ability to make others feel special. 

We hope you enjoy your time at Jeremy's Creek and will come often.

Curt Roland


Tournament Director 

Curt has been golfing in Lamar for his whole life. Two time Lamar Club Championship winner, Curt has joined Jeremy's Creek team as tournament director. 

If you would like more information about upcoming tournaments, want to host your own tournament, or are looking to sign up for tournament, Curt in your guy. 

Contact him at 417-214-1171.